Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’m an Art Director at TimeZoneOne. Creativity has been in my bones right from childhood, so to do it as a job is, well, second nature.

Working in the design industry for over 25 years, I’ve loved the journey it’s taken me on. From Auckland, London, Wellington, Doha and now in Christchurch – my hometown. From big global brands like Virgin and The Body Shop, to designing boutique wine brands around New Zealand, I’m proud of the wealth of knowledge I bring to TZO.

Print design has always been my passion. I love the preciseness, and how print finishes and stock can add such dimension to a design.

I enjoy the creative challenges that brand design and packaging create. It's not just a visual experience you’re creating, but an emotional connection one too.

Working abroad with both international and local brands honed my abilities, and expanded my experience across brand strategy and overall creative direction. Combined with my extensive design skills, it's enabled me to work with companies to develop their brand cohesively and strategically. I work with them to bring out their best so to build strong and engaging brands.

As a true people person, I thrive on working closely with others. Nurturing client relationships, pitching a great idea and inspiring fellow creatives. After working independently for the past few years, I’m really enjoying being back in a studio with like-minded people. Bouncing ideas, and always learning off each other. Collaborating on big projects and working collectively brings so many great ideas together.

My husband and I have 3 young children and the five us travelled the world extensively – France, Switzerland, Greece, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, Budapest, Canada, and the USA just to name a few. These experiences have helped shape who I am, family we are, and will be with us for life!

I returned to Christchurch in July 2021 after living in the Middle East for seven years. Our time over there was amazing and quite unexpected. Never did we think we would live so long in the desert. Experiencing such a different culture, religion and way-of-life was sometimes challenging, but so rewarding in many ways.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family. We love getting amongst all the amazing things New Zealand has to offer. Skiing, mountain biking, beaching and weekends away. Despite all our travelling, New Zealand really does have it all and it’s awesome to experience it again!

I’m looking forward to working as a team on new creative projects here at TZO!