The definitive guide to Texas’ tourist hot spot

Port Aransas

The Port Aransas Island Guide

The Port Aransas Island Guide gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the best places to eat, drink, play and stay around Port Aransas, Texas.

Published annually, the glossy, 96-page Island Guide enhances and promotes the visitor experience around Port Aransas, driving people to local businesses by spotlighting Port Aransas’ many attractions, stunning images, shopping catalogs, maps, quirky in-book activities and advertising features.

Packed with Calls To Action

QR codes dotted through the magazine direct people to their website and to download their Visit Port Aransas app. Both the website and app are regularly updated to feature local news, current information and events.

The Port Aransas Island Guide also lives on the website as a downloadable PDF, so people can use it to plan their trip before arriving on the beautiful sandy beaches. TimeZoneOne was approached to produce the Port Aransas Island Guide, providing full creative and graphic design services.

PortA seasons spread

Traditions Anchor Here

The client wanted a bespoke, travel magazine design approach that amplified the theme “Traditions Anchor Here.” Port A is a fresh and vibrant tourist destination, but many of the bars, restaurants, features and attractions are steeped in history. Plus for many families, Port Aransas is where they vacation time and time again.

Whether you’re planning your first trip or you’re a frequent visitor, “Traditions Anchor Here” lets you know that Port Aransas is a place where you can create and continue beautiful memories.

J012795 Port Aransas 1 96 Final DPS spreads CoastalCocktails
J012795 Port Aransas 1 96 Final DPS spreads IslandStyle

Art Direction and Design

Part of our role included developing an advertiser spec sheet, plus receiving supplied advertising content and flight-checking those submissions prior to print. On a glossy publication like this, it’s vital that all of the ads and imagery are of a suitable quality, and look great within their allocated space.

J012795 Port Aransas 1 96 Final DPS PROOF 36

Detail-Oriented Copywriting

All magazine copy is supplied, but our team provides copywriting support to ensure all sections are complete, on-brand and error free. Reviewing every sentence with a fine-toothed comb is an incredibly detailed job. Plus, it’s hard to read page after page about margaritas without feeling more than a little thirsty! 

From the contents page to magazine features, product placements or advertorials, the Port Aransas Island Guide is a collaborative effort shaped by many voices. Arguably, the more complicated job for the TimeZoneOne content team is ensuring all of these pieces speak with the one, on-brand, authoritative voice of Port Aransas.

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