Connecting with foodies who care

Redesigning Harmony

Harmony came to us with a fantastic range of high-quality, sustainably farmed meat products that needed a brand refresh to better connect with their target demographic: foodies who care.

The challenge of any brand in a crowded market place is figuring out how to cut through the noise to reach your ideal customer. Harmony came to us with a fantastic range of high-quality, sustainably farmed meat products that needed a brand refresh to better connect with their target demographic: foodies who care.

A Truly Unique Selling Point

Especially within the world of butchery and meat products, Harmony’s story is incredible:

  • An unrivaled commitment to care and quality of their products;
  • Every cut of meat has complete traceability to the farm it came from;
  • Harmony farmers are hand-picked for their commitment to animal welfare, and restorative environmental practices.

Unfortunately, the Harmony branding wasn’t sharing those stories. It also wasn’t making Harmony meat products jump off supermarket shelves, both figuratively and literally. 

Going Back To The Drawing Board

Our creative and content teams worked closely with Harmony to understand their values, brand, and the consumer insights they’d gained from empathy interviews and consumer testing. We then presented a revised brand promise, RTBs, brand story, and tagline. From this, our creative team developed a new visual identity to be used across packaging, in-store/print, digital/social, and Harmony’s new website.

Harmony Meats Strategy   Website   Creative   Print   Retail A4 p2

Beautiful & Educational Packaging

The new design depicts a landscape mirrored on the surface of a still lake, showing how Harmony’s commitment to the environment is reflected in what they do.

The palette was based on NZ’s earthy tones. As well as standing out more on supermarket shelves, these earthier tones are another nod to Harmony’s environmental commitments and the quality of their products. 

To highlight Harmony’s dedication and commitment to sustainable farming through animal welfare, waterway protection and overall environmental impact, our creatives developed a series of brand icons to educate customers about where the meat comes from. For example:

Harmony beef, manuka honey and hickory sausages come from a farm in Taupō where:

  • They are Environmental Champions;
  • Have the Highest Animal Welfare;
  • Plus the sausages are Gluten Free.
Screen Shot 2022 07 25 at 12.23.54 PM

The butterflied lamb leg with herbs was raised on a farm on the south-east of the North Island which also earned an icon for Waterway Protection. Meanwhile, the free range pork loin chops roamed South Canterbury’s Highgrounds, earning a Pasture Raised icon.

These icons appear on packaging and generic brand collateral, further educating consumers about Harmony’s points-of-difference.

All labels and packaging are printed using environmentally friendly inks, and eventually the packaging trays, plastic wrap and vacuum sleeves will be fully recyclable.

From meat chillers to magazines

Standing out in the supermarket chiller is only part of the story. It was also vital for Harmony to see how their new identity would come to life through copy and online content. 

Building on the revitalized brand, our content team worked to create a content strategy and personality guide that would help shape ongoing communications across all channels. Practical content pillars and a clearly defined voice would be key to guide the brand moving forward. We designed a series of in-store posters and magazine adverts to tell the Harmony story - Believe in Better.

Serving Up Social Content

To support the brand’s reintroduction to the market, the content and digital teams launched Harmony’s social media channels with the new look and personality. We developed simple, reusable social media templates and guidelines to support consistency of messaging and visual identity across Harmony’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Screen Shot 2022 07 25 at 12.15.15 PM

The content team and digital teams worked with Harmony to schedule an initial batch of 25 posts that built excitement, shared the brand’s values, and introduced the Harmony story — and what it meant for consumers.

Based on the success of the social launch, we shared the insights plus our recommendations to help the Harmony team guide their brand and future digital communications. 

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