What's the Most Engaging Type of Digital Content?

Engagement. It’s a common goal of social media advertising, because it shows that your target audience is — you guessed it — engaged. But what does that really mean?

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Engagement can be defined as

Commenting, sharing, and liking.

Basically: how a user spends time interacting with your content. Not all social media users are engagers, but a specific subset of users are. Here are the most engaging types of content to illicit engagement from your audience.

Video Content

Video lengths can vary based on the platform and content type. But generally you can follow a 30 second rule for your videos (not to be confused with the five-second rule). This is the optimal length for maximizing video views and keeping users engaged.

Story Content

FOMO is real, and it’s partially why Instagram Story content has blossomed as one of the best ways to engage with your audience. It’s only available for 24 hours, which creates a sense of urgency for users to not miss out. In recent years, Instagram’s platform growth has been primarily due to Instagram Stories.

Live Videos

People crave timely content, and there’s nothing more timely than something happening literally right this second. Live video creates that FOMO feeling, and the time sensitive content has high value. Of course, live videos can be saved and shared later, giving you double the value.


Visuals do a better job of conveying information quickly (sorry, writers). Which is why infographics are one of the greatest ways to drive engagement. It’s a much shorter process to understand the message, especially if it’s complex.


People love to hear about a brand from a consumer perspective, which is why User Generated Content is one of the most engaging forms of content. Despite being on a branded platform, it's a non-branded message. This is really good for brands, because consumers don’t just buy into anything these days — they need proof. And in this case, UGC is “social proof” that shows the everyday user that your brand is what you say it is.

Digital content gives you new opportunities to reach people that matter to you.

But you’ve got to do it with precision, efficiency and know-how. We work with you to make sure you're speaking with your audience in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

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