Lyttelton Arts Factory

Captivating designs for captivating performances. Lyttelton Arts Factory delivers some of Christchurch’s most exciting stagecraft, and we’re proud to tease that to the masses in their branding and promotional artwork.

Christchurch is full of inspiring artistic experiences. While they all build off each other to create a thriving community, it can still be a challenge for each to find an audience.

That’s a challenge we’ve been privileged to meet in our work with Lyttelton Arts Factory. Their shows entertain, challenge and inspire their audiences, and we’ve sought to extend that to their marketing. Our eye-catching work helps them stand out in a crowded field and capture Christchurch imaginations. Each piece has its own unique style, but all carry the unmistakable feel and story of LAF.

Lyttelton Arts Factory Work 001
Lyttelton Arts Factory Work 002
Lyttelton Arts Factory Work 003
Lyttelton Arts Factory Work 004
Lyttelton Arts Factory Work 005

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