AI versus Creativity

Will AI like Chat GPT replace the need for copywriters? Will Skynet bring about the destruction of humanity? The truth is no, not yet, and hopefully not.

It seems everyone is talking about AI. You know it’s part of the cultural zeitgeist if controversial cartoon South Park has an episode about it.

There are plenty of Artificial Intelligence programs around. For example, DALL-E 2 can create custom images from a text description, while others specialize in writing web code. The most popular program though, is Chat GPT - which can write just about anything on any topic. Students are using Chat GPT to write essays, while others have it draft their emails.

People are asking if we’re worried? Will AI like Chat GPT replace the need for copywriters? Will Skynet bring about the destruction of humanity? The truth is no, not yet, and hopefully not.

Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT

Myth: AI Will Make Our Jobs Obsolete

The truth is, like any new technology, AI like Chat GPT will change the way we do our jobs. There’s no point in sticking our head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist. The people and agencies who adopt this technology earlier will be ahead of the curve when more developments hit.

How Does Chat GPT Work?

On its release in November 2022, Chat GPT gained over 1 million users in the first 5 days. Simply, ask Chat GPT to write something for you, and it will. 

To be clear, Chat GPT spits out words - not knowledge. When you type in a command, Chat GPT scrapes content from all of the open-source data available on the internet to fulfill your request. 

The ‘intelligence’ part of AI means it’s always learning, and will use each interaction with you to improve and shape its answers for next time.

Be Careful: Don’t type private data into Chat GPT as it doesn’t keep secrets. It will remember that information and store it away for next time. Only, someone else may be interested in that information, and Chat GPT will be too happy to answer their questions with your data.

Samsung learned this lesson the hard way.

DALLE 2023 05 08 11.04.09 A hi res photo of a pavlova on a decorated plate with the pavlova decorated with round slices of tomato

How Can I Get The Most From Chat GPT?

Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit. Intelligence is not adding tomato slices to a pavlova.

(Don’t worry - we’re not crazy enough to do this ourselves. DALL-E 2 created this image for us).

While it sounds harsh, Chat GPT is still only as smart as the person using it. To get the best results, you have to have a pretty good idea of what you want the outcome to look like, and know how to tell Chat GPT what to do. 

  • Be specific
    Chat GPT will do what you ask. Nothing more. What tone or style would you like your content to have? Are there keywords you want to see? Do you want headers and bullet points? Be sure to tell Chat GPT exactly what you want.

  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
    Again, making it easier for Chat GPT to understand you will give you more accurate responses.

  • Ask follow up questions
    You may not get the answer you want on the first go, so ask Chat GPT to clarify. Can you elaborate your answer? Can you provide an example? Can you cite a source?

  • Remember it’s a machine
    This is a funny one, because you will feel like you’re having a conversation. You ask questions and get answers. Still, it’s worth remembering that it’s still a machine and has limitations.

How Are We Using Chat GPT?

Like we said, we’re not going to stick our head in the sand when there’s a new, smart technology on hand.

  • Planning and Prep
    You need to write a report, but what should that report cover? Chat GPT can be a useful preparation tool, writing report outlines, including pre-populated headers, helping to keep you on track.

  • Providing Thought Starters
    Remember that whole ‘tomato on a pav’ issue? Chat GPT is incredibly knowledgeable but lacks a creative spark. Its ability to write effective, witty, or thought-provoking headlines is woeful. But, if you’re experiencing writer's block, it can provide thought starters or avenues for you to consider.

  • Executive Summaries
    As an agency, we work with businesses across a range of industries. Each one has unique pain points, specialist language, and solves problems for people that we don’t fully understand. Chat GPT can summarize articles, and provide overviews on subjects to save you time, and allow you to dive in faster. “Explain the basics of quantum physics like I am 10 years old.”

What Can Chat GPT Do For You?

Try it for yourself. No doubt there will be all sorts of shortcuts and hacks that Chat GPT can help you with:

  • Drafting emails
  • Preparing report outlines
  • Explaining complex subjects

It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can save you time and help you be more productive.


Will AI be replacing our creative copywriters any time soon? Unlikely.

If you would like truly creative solutions, let’s talk.

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